what is nft mean

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets representing videos, music, art, and other tangible and intangible items. You can buy and sell NFT online with cryptocurrency. The same program that encrypts other cryptos is used to encode NFT. 

NFTs are a popular way to buy and sell digital networks, and they are expected to change investing forever. They are one of a kind and limited edition, with unique identifying codes that set them apart from most digital creations. 

The article will expound on what is nft mean and how to navigate the crypto market.

How does an NFT work?

NFTs are held on the Ethereum blockchain, a distributed public ledger that records transactions. Other blockchains can support NFT as well. You can buy and sell an NFT at any point in the marketplace. 

You can’t counterfeit an NFT. One person can only own an NFT. 

Why use NFT?

If you’re a content creator or an artist looking for a way to profit from your work, this is the marketplace to be. You don’t have to rely on auction houses and galleries to promote your work. You have the opportunity to sell your product directly to the consumer as an artist or content creator. 

If you sell your product, you will receive a percentage of the sale if the new owner sells it to someone else. The percentage sales program is known as royalties. To take advantage of the percentage sale, you must first join the program.

How to Buy NFTs

You need to understand what type of currency your buyer prefers. There are various types of cryptocurrencies currently. For the process to be successful, you will need a digital wallet to store your cryptocurrency.

Commonly, a lot of buyers prefer the Ethereum cryptocurrency for NFT. The cryptocurrency is purchased from platforms like PayPal, Kraken, and Coinbase. You can use a credit card to buy cryptocurrency.

While buying cryptocurrency and NFT, be keen on the fees involved to weigh your options. Always consider buyers that allow for multiple cryptocurrencies.

Common market places to buy and sell NFT

Once you have loaded your wallet, the following markets are ideal for buying and selling NFT.

  • Opensea. You can sort pieces by sales volume to find new artists on this type of marketplace.
  • Rarible. This is a community-owned marketplace common to Opensea. RARI tokens are offered on the platform. The tokens help you know the fees and community rules needed for a successful purchase and sale.
  • Foundation. This market type allows sellers to post their items only when invited to the platform.


You need to know what is nft mean is not before entering the market. Understand different cryptocurrencies and the fees involved in their purchase.

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