Farm to Fork

A farm-to-fork concept is the next step in food retailing, and it’s time for you to get on board. This new direction will create a stronger link between consumers and producers, support local farms and increase access to wholesome, affordable food. With this in mind, here are some of the benefits of a farm-to-fork retail model.

Better Food At More Affordable Prices

Farm to fork retailing is an effective way to help consumers get more value from their food dollars. The more food you buy, the more likely it is that it will go to waste. Business models that aim to increase profits by increasing the amount of food you buy without reducing the amount of food you use will eventually fail. The farm-to-table strategy of sourcing as much of your food as possible from within the country or region is the most sustainable way for supermarkets to operate. By choosing to buy only from local farms, you reduce the amount of food that does not reach consumers because it is thrown away for one reason or another. While local food is more expensive than food from distant sources, the price difference is often minimal and can be offset by the lower cost of transportation and the shorter supply chain. The result is lower food costs for consumers while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transporting produce.

farm to fork

Greater Consumer Awareness Of Where Food Comes From

Farm to fork food retailing is a powerful tool to improve consumer awareness of where food comes from. When customers start to view the food they eat as a form of communication with the people who grow the food, they are far more likely to think carefully about the impact their purchases have on the environment and their wallets. This is especially true when it comes to food costs, as consumers will be more likely to take notice of price increases that come from increased costs of production. By choosing to buy foods grown locally, you can help increase consumer awareness about where food comes from, and this can have a positive impact on allergy awareness, the obesity epidemic and food waste.

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