Food traceability as the name might suggest is simply the process of keeping track of our food and where it is in the supply chain at any given moment.

Wondering why food traceability is so important, and why we should all care about it a bit more? Here are just some of the instances in which it could prove vital:

Plan for emergencies

We all like to think that the food we are eating is as safe as possible, but sometimes things go wrong and food is contaminated in some way. When this happens, it is important that it is removed from the shelves immediately, and that anyone who may have purchased it can be swiftly aerated so that they can throw it out, and hopefully avoid any ill effects. Goof food traceability where you can very clearly follow the product along the supply chain, such as blockchain food traceability, makes it really easy to act fast and hopefully save people’s health.


Good food traceability practices also make it much easier for food and drinks to be accurately labelled. For example, if you know exactly where the pork in your sandwiches originate from, you will be able to say whether they are halal or not and label accordingly, or if you know for a fact your products have not been in the same space as any products that contain gluten, you can safely give them a gluten-free label should you wish to do so, providing you have met the other criteria sufficiently, of course.


Of course, using blockchain food traceability technology can also help to improve your company’s reputation by helping you to make better decisions about the ingredients you use in your products, how you source them where you store them and how you transport them. By looking at the data, you can very clearly see what is and is not working and tweak your business model accordingly.


If there is a product recall issue, if you are using the best food traceability technology available to you, then it will be much easier for you to verify whether your product was involved or not, and if it was not, you will be able to start trading again far more quickly than you otherwise might.

Market access

Many markets around the world will not allow you to sell food within their borders unless you know exactly where it came from and unless you can show its journey through the supply chain in great detail, Som by using blockchain food traceability software, you could significantly improve your company’s prospects and expand into new territories with greater ease. 

Blockchain food traceability

Now that you know why it is so important, you might want to consider looking into blockchain food traceability technology which used blockchain and Near Field Connected technology to create an indisputable history for all of your food products which is completely tamper-free, easy to use and ultimately far better for your business and your customers.

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